Performance Pedals Installation Page

Our Pedals Kits are easy to install and can be done by just about anyone in 30 to 60 minutes.  Our pedal sets come with all the hardware you need to install with basic hand tools.

Tools Required

1/16 and 3/16 Drill Bits
Phillips Screwdriver
9mm Socket
Safety Glasses

Brake and Clutch Install

Remove any factory rubber/plastic/metal covers on your existing OEM brake and clutch pedal.  (If your OEM covers have rivets, use the 1/16 drill bit to drill out the rivets and remove the covers)

Installation A: Brake and Clutch Install - Factory Mounting Locations

pedal covers
Place pedal covers over your existing pedals
Align so the holes in the pedal covers match up with the holes in your OEM pedals.
Place the supplied brackets behind the OEM pedal and bolt to the pedal assembly using the supplied bolt and lock nut.


Installation B: Brake and Clutch Install - None-Factory Mounting Alignment 

Place masking tape over the pedal surface.
Place pedal cover on top of the pedal and mark the mounting holes on the masking tape.
Remove cover.
Drill marked locations with the 1/16 drill bit.
Re-Drill 1/16 holes with the 3/16 drill bit to widen the hole.
Remove tape.
Place pedal cover over OEM pedal and secure with the supplied hardware.
Note: Some Models do not require brackets and are secured with the bolts and nuts supplied.

Gas and Dead Pedal Install

gas and dead pedal install
Align gas / dead pedal covers over your OEM pedals.
Double check for clearance. Pay special attention to the bottom of the gas pedal.  The pedal covers should not be lower than the bottom edge of the OEM gas pedal.
Drill 1/16 pilot holes in OEM pedals, using pedal covers as a guide for mounting holes.
Fasten gas and dead pedal using the supplied screws.
Double check clearance again.


These instructions are provided for information purposes only.

Performance Pedals suggests that you contract a qualified mechanic for installation of all parts and accessories.

Performance Pedals accepts no responsibility of damage to your vehicle during installation of our parts and accessories.
Performance Pedals accepts no responsibility for damage to your vehicle while using our installed parts during the operation of your vehicle.